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The best way to enhance your brand awareness and business exposure through me is to become a partner. My partners like Isopure and Snapbac benefit from lower prices, added deliverables, and my promise to become an expert on the brand to educate and establish rapport with my audience

Social Media

I offer a wide variety of deliverables that allow me to build out custom promotional campaigns that can generate hundreds of thousands to millions of impressions for your brand

Below are two recent examples with major brands that generated amazing awareness from one-post campaigns

Contact me to discuss how I can help your brand tell an entertaining, impressive, creative story with a ball.

Over a billion people watch soccer…



Promoting German first division’s Rookie of the Season and building overall global brand awareness

This campaign was composed of 1 Instagram TV post and 3 Instagram stories

Full engagement pdf recap available by request



Promoting Wells Fargo’s services and creating brand awareness

This campaign consisted of one Instagram post and one Instagram story

Full engagement recap available by request

Event Entertainment

My social media is built on what I can do with a ball, providing entertainment for people all over the world

You can use this captivating entertainment to draw in and keep audiences engaged at your events

Not to mention, the audience members’ phones will be out recording and posting content with your branding…

The below video is from a recent activation with NBC and the Premier League

Amazing segment on NBC Sports during the Premier League Fan Fest in Boston this spring! Was thrilled to be entertaining at such a fun event!! Shoutout to Global Street Soccer, Nike Football, Premier League in USA, NBC Sports Soccer for having me! Thank you for watching this video.