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DJ Diveny
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DJ Diveny
USA Soccer Freestyler & Influencer - Contact:

I grew up hating mashed potatoes, but was raised to eat what I’m given.

Native to North West NJ, I have traveled nationwide and globally, to perform, create digital content, and coach

I was introduced to the sport of football/soccer/futbol/fusbal/etc by my father, Dan Diveny Sr. I have remained obsessed with the game and the ball to this day.

The game almost became a hobby for me as college took me towards architecture following my parents' art and design background.  After maintaining a 4.0 GPA, I quickly realized architecture was something I may have an aptitude for, but was not my passion... So I switched my major to applied astrophysics... It was there that I also realized physics and science was not my true calling either, but soccer instead. With a bit of luck on top of self motivated rigorous training and marketing myself to coaches, I forcefully 'walked on' to NJIT's division 1 soccer program. 

As I matched up with top teams like Rutgers, Villanova, and others, I grew my talent at freestyling and later joined the New York Red Bulls Street Team in 2014. After applying to more than 40 jobs and internships between 2013-2014 for everything from NASA to Shoprite and being turned down with a 3.7 cumulative GPA and prior summer research experience, I took this sign from the universe that I should stick to soccer. To that point I was able to see both the Auroroa Borealis in Iceland and the great American total solar eclipse in 2017!

Design experience has given me an eye for clean aesthetics and branding, while physics gave me invaluable lessons on general relativity which deals with curvature of space time and bending of light and in no way relates to his current business and trade. That being said, I am an extremely logical and creative thinker making for a very successful and artistic young entrepreneur.

My other hobbies include eating ungodly portions of dessert, traveling and experiencing new places, and binging an entire 20 episode season of Vikings if I happen to take a day off during the year... 

Favorite sport: ...
Favorite Player
Current: M’Bappe
All Time: Iniesta
Favorite movie:
Current: Deadpool
All Time: The Sandlot
Favorite Song: 
Current: Luude & Twerl - Paradise (ft. lost boy) 
All Time: King Harvest - Dancing in the Moonlight
Favorite TV:
Current: Vikings
All Time: Spartacus
Favorite Meal:
Current/All Time: Peanut butter & jelly or homemade chicken nuggets with mac n cheese
Favorite Dessert:



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