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DJ Diveny
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DJ Diveny
USA Soccer Freestyler & Influencer - Contact:


I’m a professional soccer freestyle performer, content creator, influencer, and master trainer.

I love making cool videos and content with the ball and have an online global audience over 700,000 predominantly on Instagram I’ve been featured on some of the world’s largest networks like ESPN, Bleacher Report, and Yahoo News.

Email me at for case studies of client work for events and social media promotions

I am a 2015 magna cum laude graduate of the New Jersey Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in applied astrophysics while playing division 1 soccer for four years


What I do: Freestyle

Having played at the division 1 level in the USA, my high level playing experience allows me to be a better coach and performer especially when it comes to live entertainment and advertising - doing cool tricks and moves is one thing, but translating the best movements to the average viewer for live and digital media is another. I’m a master at both

A ball is always at my feet whether it's as a freestyler, creator, coach, player, or model

I make a full time living doing social media promotions for some of the world’s biggest brands, performing skills for live shows and events, and coaching local talent and players online


What I do: Content Creation

I’m no filmmaker by trade, but I’m an expert at curating content for social media and creating viral potential. I have over 20 videos that each have over 1 million views

Not only do I create my own content and showcase my talent, but I’m regularly brought in by brands to direct content production when they need some creative football ideas

I know everyone in this field all over the world and can help you build your event or social campaign with talent recruitment.



What I do: Coaching

My Dad has been a teacher and coach for over 30 years. It’s always been in my nature to help others and love inspiring players and people to improve. My goal as a coach is to help others ‘Find (your) Freestyle’ - discovering my passion for freestyle changed my life and helped me get to where I am today. If I can help one person find and pursue their passion I feel fulfilled

I have coached all ages from 3-39 and in all settings like private training, small groups, camps, and teams

You can now learn from me everyday by purchasing my tutorials, online training courses, or by becoming a Team Member - join here!

Follow my travel schedule to see what cities I will be in if you’d like to book a session, clinic, or workshop - Book Here